5 Ways To Brighten Up Your Home This Spring

When you go outside and see more sunlight flickering between the leaves of foliage and notice flowers blooming in the garden, it can be a shame to then return to the house and see a much gloomier space. It’s like your house, unlike the garden, hasn’t got the memo about spring arriving…

However, you can bring more of the positivity of spring to your interior spaces when you follow these tips, which are not complex but can make your home look nicer “bright” now.

I plant believe it’s not foliage

5 Ways To Brighten Up Your Home This Spring

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Spring can understandably give you a renewed appetite for heading down to the garden centre and picking out some plants that you reckon could look especially good in that flourishing garden.

However, why use just your garden to display your latest plants? Your indoor spaces, too, could benefit from a little more colour which houseplants can provide. Don’t fret if you lack green fingers; you could just stick with artificial plants, which can look wonderfully authentic, says Home Beautiful.

It’s wall right now to make a statement

Attempting to make over an entire room or hall could feel like a messy ordeal. However, there’s nothing wrong with limiting your overhaul to just one wall.

You could start by painting that wall in a bright and seasonal hue, which shouldn’t take you longer than a weekend at the most. Then, you could select some accessories which aesthetically go well with the new colour. It’s a simple approach which can make a surprisingly big impact.

You’re having a bath: lighten up a private space

5 Ways To Brighten Up Your Home This Spring

You don’t strictly have to tinker too much with your bathroom to brighten it up. It’s largely just a matter of knowing precisely how to go about it…

For example, if the curtains are dark, swap them for light wicker or bamboo blinds capable of letting more daylight enter the space without compromising your privacy. You could then complete the new colour scheme by adding a new bathmat and towels of suitable colour.

Say yellow to a first-glass approach

Bright yellow elements can perk up your home’s interior appearance and, therefore, your own mood. You could add a lemon-yellow stool or lamp, as suggested on the Forbes site.

You shouldn’t shy away from adding more glass items, either – as light can shine through these and so help you further brighten up the space. Why not consider opting for a glass table or arranging for new aluminium windows to be installed in various rooms of the house?

Fake it till you make it. Natural brightness, that is

There might still be certain parts of the home where, right now, getting large windows – ones that would allow the entry of abundant organic light – fitted is not practically possible. However, in those spaces, you could still cleverly fake the effect of plentiful natural light.

You could do that by making horizontal surfaces glossier or mirrored; through either means, you can allow more light to be bounced around the room, says Apartment Therapy.

Article used with permission from Interior Desire.

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